Books/Stories Published by SpecFicChic Members

The Journey to Here – by Jo Baker, available through Covet Books (was Prospecting for Books – on Prospect Rd, Prospect SA )  and Ginninderra Press.

With a Twist of the Nib: For When Time is Short, a collection of short stories by Karen J Carlisle. eBook available from Smashwords or Amazon (2017)
All that Glitters
– short story by Karen J Carlisle, published in steampunk anthology Den of Antiquity. Available as ebook and paperback from Amazon. (2016)
Eye of the Beholder & Other tales: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #2 by Karen J Carlisle, available direct or online sales. Available as separate eBooks or paperback compilation. (2016)
Hunted – short story by Karen J Carlisle, published as part of A Trail of Tales, Adelaide Fringe 2016.
Right on Time – Flash fiction by Karen J Carlisle, published in the steampunk themed anthology, Denizens of Steam. Available as free ebook from Smashwords. (2015)
Doctor Jack & Other Tales – Journal #1 in the Adventures of Viola Stewart steampunk/gaslamp series by Karen J Carlisle, available separately, as ebooks, through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords. Available as paperback, Doctor Jack & Other Tales, through Amazon and direct sales. (2015)