Each month we present our writing in the speculative fiction genre to the group for discussion and critique (previously we set a theme each month). Individual projects are discussed on critique days. We email our work to the group to read two weeks beforehand, so we can devote most of our meeting time to discussion.

Current topics

1st Friday: Writer’s toolkit  /   3rd Friday:  Critique – Individual projects

2017   Toolbox Skills                                        

Feb      Structure                                                     The Map in Question
Mar     Character within Structure                     Tall, Dark and Alien
Apr     Plot, Conflict; subplot, subtext               (Plotting for non-plotters)
May    The Six Things                                            He did what?!
Jun      Sentences, scenes, chapters, story arc  The detail of the territory
Jul       POV; external narrator; camera             The distant view
Aug     Research; NLA/SLSA, CIP/PLR
Sep      Marketing – books and authors
Oct      Blogging and Social Media
Nov     Competitions, short stories
Dec      The Year in Review – We did …


2016  Toolkit Topics 
Jan — Public Holiday. No meeting
Feb MS Word – features and uses for Writers
Mar Short stories and competitions
Apr Dialogue
May Structure
June Research tips and techniques
July Plots and conflicts
Aug Setting and description
Sept POV and characters  
Oct Scenes and chapters  
Nov Blogging/social media
Dec Marketing
Jan  to be advised

Past topics and themes


2015 Toolkit topics   
Jan — No meeting  
Feb Scene – one person doing one thing in one place
Mar   Dialogue and point of view (‘head hopping’)
Apr Public Holiday. No meeting
May Show don’t tell (and avoiding info dump)
June Description and setting
July Emotional impact – using powerful words
Aug Structure and arcs
Sept Starting and ending (where to place story and chapters)
Oct Plot and conflict (themic, not structural)
Nov Critiquing, editing and proofing
Dec  Short Stories


2014 Toolkit Topics 
Oct Character development
Nov Voice
Dec Style



2014 Writing themes
Jan triggers (email date: 3rd Jan)
Feb darken (email date: 7th Feb)
Mar   the waste (email date: 7th Mar)
Apr scorpio (email date: 4th Apr)
May max (email date: 2nd May)
June free (email date: 6th June)
July forest (email date: 4th Jul)
Aug in the dirt (email date: 1st Aug)
Sept  mystery of grace (email date: 5th Sept)


2013  Writing themes 
Sept  purple
Oct dragons (email date: 5th Oct)
Nov essential oils (email date: 1st Nov)
Dec roses (email date: 29th Nov. Early meeting: 13th Dec)



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