How Spec Fic Chic – North Eastern Adelaide Speculative Fiction Writing Group – came to be.

Once upon a time there were a group of writers looking for a writing group. We all read, wrote or wanted to write speculative fiction. Unfortunately most of the other local writers’ groups were either bursting at the seams with members or were not inclined to the speculative fiction genre.  What a good excuse to start a new writers’ group, they thought. In August, 2013 we met for the first time and speculated on how we would go forward.

Our first real group meeting was in September 2013. We agreed on the most import thing – a name: Spec Fic Chic
We are writers of poetry, short stories and novels. It does not matter as long as it is speculative.

Each month we present the group with 2000 words for discussion and critique. It can be a short story or poem to our set monthly theme or one of our own works in progress.

Group Guidelines:

  • respect each others’ writing style and voice.
  • ‘what happens in writers’ group, stays in writers’ group” – respect copyright of others’ work
  • critiques are constructive
  • be positive and encouraging and create a safe environment for sharing

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