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A New Year – A Bigger Dream

January, and we’re all here – the whole lot of us! From poet to pastry chef, from dancer to singer to high-flier to cat-whisperer. Okay, enough of that! What did we do? What did we discuss? Where are we going for this new (and better) year?


  • Radio plays (PBA-FM 89.7) and who’d like to do one for the host
  • Chuck Wendig, Agatha Christie, Terry Pratchett (know what they have in common?)
  • the word tailor within our group, and the new site
  • the new collaborator (Rose, of the tawny eyes)
  • the Anthology (yes, yes, yes – it will be good, better, the greatest) of Speculative Fiction Stories from Hell to High Victorian and everything in between
  • the list of things to discuss and learn and use in our work as professional writers – the toolbox, now updated
  • And (tah dah)
  • Goals for 2017

What are some of those goals? To write more, of course, but the big one is to learn enough to be able to share that knowledge with someone else. People who teach understand this: the teacher learns as they show others how to learn. This is what we want for each member of the group – learn and relearn when showing others what was learned. It works – try it! The only time to truly understand the level of [craft] knowledge is when it’s put down in a plan to show others how to incorporate what the teacher knows and uses into how the student can use and learn and incorporate into their own knowledge base, their own skill-set. That’s what we want!

Oh, and to write more – or did I already say that? Doesn’t matter – repeat the goal enough times that it becomes a mantra, and repeat the mantra enough times that it becomes a life meaning (and meaningful).

As this was the first meeting for the new (and better) year, the post is short, and it’s no reflection on the amount of time we spent discussing issues and items and responsibilities, but next post will be full of bones, full of sustenance and fibre; it will be solid and . . . [there I go, off on the fairy-trail again – so goodbye from her, and goodbye from him – see you next time!].

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