Wicked ways with Word

Last week we departed from our usual toolkit format, opting for a hands-on learning experience delivered by one of our expert members.

With our keyboards hot under our feverish hands, we explored the many features of Word that are of particular interest to writers.

CasDun has already posted a summary of the content covered, but I’d like to add a little about the usefulness of the session.

I’ve been using Word for a long time, and I already knew most of what was demonstrated. But I still learnt about features that I can apply immediately to save time and effort. More importantly, they also reduce the amount of cognitive processing needed to work on long piece of text.

For me, that’s priceless.  I have difficulties with memory and visual processing, so to find new ways to orient myself within a document and reduce distraction is a rare and precious thing.

So I would like to thank our excellent tutor for sharing her expertise. But I would also like to thank the member who spoke up and asked for help in the first place.  When one of us learns, we all learn. And that’s the power of the Writers’ Group at work.


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  1. K

    Totally agree. Really useful. Many thanks for all your hard work, madam tutor. And thanks to all those who made it, and out other SFC sessions, possible. You Rock!

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