Jan Tool Box – Using MS Word for Writing

Most writer’s use a software program to write their stories. Most people know enough to write what they want to write. Sometimes you hear people say “I wish it had this feature, or that feature.”

Today we discovered a few of the features that are useful to an author. Some of these useful things are:

How to insert comments when reviewing or editing;

How to split a screen so you can be working in two places at once (yes, it is possible);

How to check the readability of your work;

How to use (and define) short cuts to avoid too much mousing;

How to select pieces of your work that comply with one specific format.

There were others, but these were the main items. Software is a tool, and the best tools are the ones you know well.

As a writer, we probably use a limited range of the available options, but if we learn all the options (and where to find them) we can make the best use of our time, rather than swapping between different software packages, or between screen and paper, or . . . well, you get the idea.

As expected, there was a lot of discussion (and several different versions of the same software – a tutor’s nightmare!) and a lot of practice (practice makes powerful), but we all learned something (even the tutor!).

We also discussed a poem submitted on the day. Power to the voice of Women. It speaks in a rhythm, it seeks truth, but where do we find this truth? Look within.

Next meeting Friday 19 Feb is one day after the launch of A Trail of Tales. See you there.


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