January Critique

Today we discussed the projects and toolbox elements for 2016 (isn’t it amazing, another year has just flown by!).  See our Writing Themes Page for the update.

One piece of a WIP was presented for critique – part of an ongoing serialised Steam Punk story. The main things we considered was when a tease is too subtle, when a word is okay, but not quite right, when a paragraph or sentence needs to be shortened/lengthened to give the right feel, the right atmosphere – and the way the words present the picture (if you want the reader to see a big gate, some sort of description of the size is appropriate – a tiny bit of tell, maybe, but the reader has to get just the right picture).

The second piece was a backpage blurb – and it needs some work. A blurb is a tease, not a synopsis. Maybe one day we should include a toolbox item for synopsis, blurb, etc.

We will also be considering a series of short stories for competitions throughout the year, and the good ones (that means all of them) will go into our anthology.

Keep watching! And enjoy the year of the Monkey.


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