December 2015 Critique and Celebration

This month’s critique meeting was also a wrap-up celebration – two things: Christmas, and year end (and maybe survival, because it takes special people to make a group like this, and we’re lucky we found each other).

First, the critique: two pieces, one near-future short story with the emphasis on social control and technology – oh, what deviltry are the creative ones up to down there? It was well-written, well-structured to the requirements of a short story, and the plot, events and wrap up were clear and defined and powerful. It needs a little bit of work to strengthen some minor areas, but all in all, this is a good piece and an excellent piece to consider for a competition. In all short stories (and longer ones), if a character is not necessary to the story, they shouldn’t need to be described or given a name (but author always has the final say).

The second submission was the first section of a longer work in progress. Lots of discussion, mainly about scenes, scene sequencing, POV and how POV sees the surroundings, the settings, the people, the world view (and critters, birds, sounds, smells, etc.) – everything in story comes from someone in the story (well, almost). It will be a very interesting story and the structure (so far) and plot and outlines look to give us a really good book when completed.

And then there was the food for the celebration (should have called it a Feast, shouldn’t I?). Good stuff, healthy stuff, lollies, little boys (yum), hot pies, cherries, grapes, salads, more fruit, little pav nests. Yes, we enjoyed our feast. We had a long day of discussion, eating, drinking – and you know what? We’ll be back to do it all again next year!



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