October Critique

This month we had three submissions to critique:

The first is a contemporary view of an old story from around the era of Mabinogion (I hope this is right – I will be corrected if not). Discussion centred around timing of events, era(s), language use for the era, and story flow. It is an interesting and intriguing story.

The second is a science fiction piece. The main point of discussion was story and POV. The premise is good, the flow is good, and the characters are well dramatised.  Theme and overall story arc were discussed; some dissension on the number of characters in the story having a POV – it’s a lot of work to have POV for more than the minimum number of characters, or more than one main character.  However, it is also a challenge – and that may be what keeps the author on their toes for the whole story. This story was very interesting, and every member of the critique group wanted to read more. That says a lot!

The third submission received written comments, but due to time constraints, no discussion. This is what happens when discussion is intense, story is interesting, and everyone gets involved. So, ’til next time (Toolbox – Critique, etc), keep writing, keep thinking, keep up the drama in the story. Ciao!


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