August Critique Meeting

Today we critiqued two pieces, one a short story and the other two scenes of a novel.

The short story is coming along very well, and the interspersed sentient thoughts of the saviours has been done very well.  The story now moves into the stage of defining the climax and resolution, and enlarging on the furry character (MC).  It is a very heart-felt piece of work, and encompasses wide-ranging and topical earth issues.

The two scenes of the novel needed more care with the ’cause and effect’ syndrome and more clarity with the voice of the character – and to avoid overwriting the setting.  Not too bad, but we can all improve on first (2nd, 3rd, . . .) drafts, can’t we?

We also discussed, at length, the depth of character required for the story to be absorbed by the reader.  As a group, we act as first readers to the work of the other members, and we (mostly) have decided that a critical element of story is that the character be deep enough, real enough, for a reader to have total connection from the first few words of the story.


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