May Meetup

Success! We all managed to be in the same place at the same time.

This week we concentrated on a short story and an early draft of a historical novel – both from the same group member. The short story was a science fiction tale involving time travel and archaeology. We delved into show don’t tell, carbon versus silica based technologies and the ideal word count range for published short stories for possible inclusion in our future anthology.
It is intriguing to watch each story evolve through various drafts and edits. We are all looking forward to reading the final draft!

We also had a show and tell, from another group member –  the steampunk/gaslamp fantasy novella paperback, Doctor Jack and Other Tales, now available to purchase online.

Finally we discussed our anthology project. We have decided quality is better than fast tracking. Our current plan is to work on several short stories over the next twelve months and aim for possible publication in late 2016.


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