February Meeting – Critique

This month we welcomed a new member, who submitted two stories for critique.  On the full critique front, we did well:

completed the critique from last month;

critiqued two outlines (every story must have a conflict strong enough to carry it through the length required for that genre);

critiqued a continuation of a submission from last month (medieval), discussed issue of conflict, mirroring of beginning and ending and reader expectations of genre.

The anthology themes are dark and light, shadow and reflection.  One, possibly two of the critiques this month were aimed at the anthology.  One has gone from shadow to dark, the other is yet to be defined (we’ll work on that).

We discussed a possible theme for a different anthology – one theme (can’t let you know what it is at the moment – closely guarded secret until we get the first anthology out).

First meeting next month is the toolbox: Dialogue and POV.

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