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January Meeting

We discussed two pieces for the anthology (due for completion end 2015).  We have four ‘elements’ to write under for this anthology: Light, Dark, Shadow/s, Reflections (mirror).  Finding where they fit (under one of these elements) can be as difficult as expressing the underlying theme.

The first piece is contemporary mystic, based on a conversations (dialogue only, really).  It means all the pieces need to tie together based only on what people say.  The feedback was great, and now the story can go forward.

The second piece is gas light (I think this is right – Victorian-based scary).  We didn’t quite complete the critique, but so far, it’s looking very intriguing, very lightly sinister.

So how do we decide which category/element they fit under?  We discuss it, we pull it apart, we say how it ‘feels’, we decide.  And later, we may change our minds.  So far, we decided that the contemporary will be ‘light’ to reflect the mystic tone, and the second we decided will be shadow to reflect the fear of the hidden.

Next meeting is the toolbox – Scene.  See you then.

If you’re interested in the anthology, we will be updating the site when it is completed (e-publishing).  It is expected to be approx. 60k words, 3-4 authors, possibly 4 pieces of work from each author (approx. 5k words each), and several poems, based on the above themes/elements.


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