November critique meeting – and Voice

Today we discussed one WIP, which is progressing well and showing good structure and flow.

We also discussed Voice (only the most difficult toolbox subject).  We came to some conclusions:

When people say the book needs a strong voice, they really mean the story needs a strong voice – because if it is the author’s voice, then every story that author writes would be the same voice and it would get boring by the time a reader got to book 3 (and maybe even book 2, assuming it wasn’t boring in book 1).

So, Voice (as an overarching construct) is story voice.  Story voice is helped by having strong character voice (the main character MUST have a strong voice in the story), and story voice is helped by having a strong style that suits the story, the genre, and the narrator (which is not necessarily the author).

We decided:

Voice is story; writer is style.

Good voice comes from three main constructs: head, heart, and body.  All three need to be involved, at the right places, in the right moments, and for the right reasons FOR THE STORY.

Even if a writer has a natural talent for writing, it takes work (lots of work) to turn this talent into a good story.  They need to grasp the voice of the story from the words and style they use on the story idea.

And that’s all we have to say (for the moment).


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