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September Meeting

We are one year old!  Now we are in the process of planning the next twelve months.

Our reluctant secretary is currently preparing a list of ‘words’ for monthly inspiration, and a list of topics to be researched for discussion at the early meeting for each month.  Oh, yes!  We’re having two meetings a month from Oct 2014.  The early meeting will open the scribes toolbox to research, demonstrate and discuss the listed weapon/s (sorry, tool/s).  This meeting will also accept submissions for the later monthly meeting (for critiquing purposes).  The purpose is to keep one meeting for the month specifically for critiquing, and the other for learning.

We have learned so much!  So much!  And we will continue to do so.  The important thing for each of us is to work at our writing, to enhance our skills, to provide enthusiasm and support, and to move up the ladder.

If you are a writer seeking a critique group, or want to come along to see what we do, please contact us.  We don’t bite!  We write!


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