March (and February)

We had a good meeting today (and also in February, but we were all so busy with ‘stuff’ that Feb didn’t get a post – whoops!).  Discussion was intense, plot and theme were discussed (two WIP and one short story – watch out for the salt marsh critters!).  We also discussed our way forward, and the general consensus was that we continue with what we have, and how we do it.

We hope to have more people for next month (check for the theme, or bring work in progress, or an item for competitions, etc).  The group continues to provide much-needed feedback to each other, constructive critique on process, language, style, etc.

Next month should be even better: one WIP should be completed (second/third draft stage), so if anyone wants to read the complete MS, please offer; one WIP should be at mid-stage (excellently paced, well-written, good plotting); and one more short story from the literary field (please!).

Look forward to next month.


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One response to “March (and February)

  1. Hi all,
    I would love to be involved but Fridays are no good for me as I work full time. I will be watching your blog though!
    I currently have one complete novel finished (slightly underdone though at 40,000 words) and another work in progress.
    If you do have any evening or weekend events I would love to be a part of it.
    Adrian Telfer

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