The meeting on 15 Nov 2013

The meeting on 15 Nov was attended by five people and the issue of where we meet was confirmed, as well as the start time (ie Ten for a start of 1030).  The early birds tend to discuss very important items (Point of View, Change of Point of View, etc).

It was heartening to have a good turn out, and hopefully this will continue.  The group is relatively new, but all are serious about one thing – the written word, and the story the words can give to the ‘reader’.

BTW – The discussion about ‘how I put together a story’ has been posted on the Resources page.  This is only one way of getting the whole thing together, but it works for me, and it may be a starting point or a turning point for someone else.  Please tell us how you work from beginning to end of your story (concept to submission).

All members of the group are welcome to post items here, either for discussion, or for topics discussed at the group.

We also have to firm up (discuss, agree, confirm) the rules of engagement.  Some of these are on other pages on this site.  Bring  your points to the next meeting for discussion, etc.  I, personally, think the most important ‘rule’ is to understand that what other people say is their opinion only, and the author retains all rights as to whether the words in the story change based on an opinion not the author’s (ie author has final say, and critique(r) must respect rights of author – I’m sure someone can write this in a more definitive sentence).


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  1. This month I had ‘day job’ commitments and bronchitis, so could not make the official meeting. I had tendered a flash fiction (for a change of pace) via email. What I love about Spec Fic Chic is the constructive help and advice even before the meeting; I had rewritten the story and sent it off for consideration by the time I met up with a ‘delayed mini-meeting’ this Friday.
    We spent the time discussing another short story and my new steampunk manuscript WIP. A few hours very well spent; I now have a much better handle on some of the plot points and some motivations for the characters. Thanks!

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